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About us

Ningbo Bailing Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd is located in the well renowned city of Cixi at the staring point of the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge. The local industrial area has eagerly earned its fabulous reputation and has such been nicknamed "The Kingdom of electrical appliances".

Bailing is a professional manufacturer of chest freezer and DC (Sloar) chest freezer regrouped in 2013, all engineers,managers and workers are with 5 to 10 years experience of chest freezer field. it owns a 26 positions chest freezer foaming line and 8 pcs bending machines and 12 pcs punching machines. its annual production capacity of 200,000 chest freezers.

The products of Bailing sell well all over the world and Bailing is increasing its exports by 20% annually. Bailing products are mainly exported to southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, its quality enjoying a high reputation among its celebrated international clients.




Contact: Mr.Gon Wang

Phone: +86-18758809688

Tel: +86-574-63586668


Add: No.18, Weisi Road, West Industrial zone, xinpu town, Cixi, Ningbo

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